“Patch” Konecko Printed Faux Leather Dalmatian Puppy / Cow Ears


While these are made in our Konecko Kitty Ear Style, the finished pattern looks much more like puppy or cow ears. We LOVE them and hope you will too.

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Our Konecko (Kitten Size) Kitty ears are the original base 3 dimensional design; we lowered the profile of the ear itself by .75″ for a less top heavy finished product that. Some people say they prefer a lower profile,it makes them feel “small and cute”. Also, the barrette clips tend to stay more easily when wearing them with baby-fine hair.

Each pair comes with 2 large snap barrette attachments (we prefer barrettes – headbands give us headaches) and can be easily transferred to your favorite headband style if you prefer. Simply remove the barrettes and thread any headband through the base of the ears.

  • approx 2″ tall
  • approx 3.5″ wide
  • approx 1.5″ deep
  • weight: .5 oz

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