Lace Kitten Ears (embroidery pattern)




This purchase is the embroidery pattern only. NOT a finished set of ears. 

Of course, being who she is, the Stitchin’ Kitten has been making ears for herself ever since she were a wee lass.  The patterns she created for amazing ears were modeled on intersecting tracery in medieval church windows she daydreamed in – bored cuz her grandmother dragged her to mass – as a young irish catholic kitten.

You can make them yourself, using the same silhouette, from fur, felt, leather, wire & lace… you name it. Just add an upside down V dart at the center base for 3 dimensional curves, and you’re home free. You’re welcome for that hot tip on how to design your own ears.

But once you discover free standing lace everything else looks cheap. These stunning ears look like more like cathedral windows than any other medium; gorgeous.

For all you cosplay kittens; DIY amazing kitty ears with our FSL (freestanding lace) pattern.

There are 2 pieces to this pattern; one ear and one base. You’ll make 2 of each piece, and assemble them with stitching to finish one set of ears. You can attach them to a headband or barrette, whatever works for you.

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