Gluten Allergy Temporary Tattoos (pack of 15)



Place this temporary tattoo on the back of your child’s hand or forearm, where it is sure to be seen as your child reaches for any treats. Best uses: Birthday parties, play dates, day care environments. Alert all adults in the room to keep your child safe.

  • Each tattoo Square is approx. 2″ x 2″
  • pack of 15

Optional prep: Feel free to trim tattoo white space away, cutting as close to the edge of the design as possible.

Place the tattoo paper with design down on clean skin. if necessary, clean your desired skin area with alcohol first. Use a paper towel, sponge, or cotton pad soaked in water to wet the backing of the tattoo paper and wait 30 seconds. Peel away tattoo paper starting from the corner to reveal your new tattoo.

Hot tip: We’ve found you can get really long lasting results from these tattoos by preparing our skin with a single layer of medical grade adhesive before placing your temporary tattoo. We recommend a brand called Pros-Aide.



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