Bisexual Pride Flag Ribbon Genuine Black Leather Kitty Ears


The Beauty of Standing Up to be Counted is that Others Become Brave and Learn to Stand by Your Example.

We have to give credit for this ribbon design to a dear friend who requested a set of ears for herself. I (Kitty) accepted the challenge of incorporating these colors into a single design and am stunned with the result; I also learned a whole new skill in multi-color threading. Every other multi color corset design on our site was born from this. Thank you, my girl.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Black top-grain cowhide with smooth pebble finish.  Each Leather ear comes with metal hardware and laced double sided satin ribbon in the Pink, purple and blue colors of the Bisexual Pride Flag.

Our Leather Kitty ears are an amazing 3 dimensional design. Each pair comes with 2 large snap barrette attachments (we prefer barrettes – headbands give us headaches) and can be easily transferred to your favorite headband style if you prefer. Simply remove the barrettes and thread any headband through the base of the ears.

  • approx 3″ tall
  • approx 3.5″ wide
  • approx 1.5″ deep