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Obsessed with Luxurious Kitty Ears

Kitty has been wearing ears for decades, bought and tried every style available on the market as well as making her own. Every time she wears one of her ear creations, we hear “OMG I love those, can I buy some from you?”

While she adores every single one of her personal ear sets, sheโ€™s never believed them to be excellent enough to take someone else’s money. She could always see the hidden flaws. Good enough for personal use, but… you know how that goes; everyone is their own worst critic.

In 2019 Kitty started working with leather and this allowed her to learn more about creating a consistent & repeatable high quality pattern. We finally have an excellent, solid, consistent design that we are proud to sell and know it to be an excellent product.

We enjoy these so much that Kitty is shifting Kitten Stitches away from embroidery & fabric pattern design to completely focus on Kitty ears. The old products will remain online to allow re-downloads of past purchases, but new embroidery designs are on hold for the knowable future.

We are confident that these ears are simply the best made on the market . So much so that we have submitted the finished product for patent under visual arts protection.

Cosplay, daily fun fashion, high fashion, leather fashion, BDSM, kitten play, you name it: these ears can compete in all these areas and more. Anyone who knows Kitty- including all her friends who have been asking her for years to do exactly this – knows she doesnโ€™t say this lightly.

TLDR: After years of requests to make kitty ears for others and declining because the product wasn’t good enough yet for her own standards, Kitty finally has a high quality, repeatable design that we are proud to sell and are now ready to take over the world.